Providing a fast quality pre-settlement payment service for you

If you are entitled to a legal, property or other settlement we are prepared to purchase your settlement now.
Why wait for weeks or even months to receive a settlement that you are entitled to.

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We will purchase Settlements

For the following situations

Personal Injury Claims

Including third party insurance claims and workers compensation.

Court Judgements

Court decisions regarding the rights and liabilities of parties.

Class Actions

Lawsuits filed or defended by an individual acting on behalf of a group.

Superannuation Lump Sum

In circumstances where you are entitled to an unconditional payment from a Super Fund.

Property and Divorce Settlements

If you have an unconditional sale contract, unconditional divorce settlement or a right to receive payment from a deceased estate.

Real Estate Commission

If you are a residential or commercial real estate agent who is entitled to a commission payment.

Our Settlement Process

How it works.

Step 1

Complete Online Application Form

Settlement Online Application Form - pre-settlement process

Step 2

Review and confirm with your lawyer

We will review your application form and contact your legal representative or conveyancer to obtain copies of settlement or contract.

Settlement Review - pre-settlement process

Step 3


Application Approval

Step 4

Execution of assignment agreement

Execution of sale and assignment agreement.

Settlement Agreement

Step 5


Payment of Purchase Price to you.
Within 48 hours of approval.


Step 6

Payment of Settlement

Payment of Settlement to us by your legal representative.

Payment of Settlement

Purchase Price Calculation

In calculating the purchase price for your settlement entitlement, we apply the following calculation:


Establishment fee of 10% of settlement amount


2% of the settlement amount (holding fee) per month until expected settlement date.

So, by way of example if you are entitled to (say) a personal injury claim of $20,000, the purchase price will be calculated as follows:


Settlement amount: $20,000


Payment date 3 months in the future


Establishment fee $2,000


Holding cost 2% x $20,000 x 3 months = $1,200


Total cost to us $3,200


Purchase price therefore $16,800


We take the risk on collection and you receive your purchase price of $16,800 up front

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to any question you may have.

Is this a loan?

No, we will buy your settlement at a discount and take the risk on payment.

What happens if the other party doesn’t pay? Do I have to repay the purchase price?

No, Settlement Finance takes the risk on payment and collection of settlement amount.

What happens if I owe my lawyer or conveyancer fees?

That is between you and your legal representative. However most legal representatives will require payment when you receive your cash.

Who owns the Settlement?

After you sign the purchase and assignment agreement the settlement legally belongs to Settlement Finance.

How long does it take to get my money?

Assuming you provide all information correctly on the Application Form, transfer and payment should occur within 48 hours.