Settlement Finance

How it works

Providing a fast quality pre-settlement payment service for you.

Fast quality pre-settlement process

Settlement Finance is backed by the Investor Link Limited a finance company with over 20 year’s experience in the payment and investment banking industry.

Settlement Process - Pre-settlement process

Our Settlement Process

How it works.

Step 1

Complete Online Application Form

Settlement Online Application Form - pre-settlement process

Step 2

Review and confirm with your lawyer

We will review your application form and contact your legal representative or conveyancer to obtain copies of settlement or contract.

Settlement Review - pre-settlement process

Step 3


Application Approval

Step 4

Execution of assignment agreement

Execution of sale and assignment agreement.

Settlement Agreement

Step 5


Payment of Purchase Price to you.
Within 48 hours of approval.


Step 6

Payment of Settlement

Payment of Settlement to us by your legal representative.

Payment of Settlement