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What is a Settlement?

A Settlement refers to:


The settlement of a legal dispute which includes:

  • Compulsory third party claims;
  • Workers compensation claims;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Divorce settlement; and
  • Judgement in class actions.

A right to receive funds from a deceased estate.


A lump sum entitlement to superannuation payout.


Real property settlements.


An entitlement to real estate commission.

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We will purchase Settlements

For the following situations

Personal Injury Claims

Including third party insurance claims and workers compensation.

Court Judgements

Court decisions regarding the rights and liabilities of parties.

Class Actions

Lawsuits filed or defended by an individual acting on behalf of a group.

Superannuation Lump Sum

In circumstances where you are entitled to an unconditional payment from a Super Fund.

Property and Divorce Settlements

If you have an unconditional sale contract, unconditional divorce settlement or a right to receive payment from a deceased estate.

Real Estate Commission

If you are a residential or commercial real estate agent who is entitled to a commission payment.